Joe, at SwinginBelfast.com, is the only authentic dance teacher of Balboa, Lindy-Hop, Boogie-Woogie, Charleston, Jazz routines and all things Swing in Belfast and N.I., having travelled extensively in the USA, Sweden, Germany France and London - to name a few, in his passion for learning and dancing with the world's greatest Dancers and Orchestras, including many lessons with Frankie Manning, the original Lindy Hop Master from the zenith of the Big Band Era in the Harlem of the 20's & 30's.   Swing, (aka Jitterbug), is the Grand-Daddy of all Jive, the birth of Lindy Hop being the birth of Jive, with many descendants such as Ballroom, Ceroc, Modern Jive and Rock n' Roll. It is strictly dancing for fun and attracts the most sociable and friendly crowd wherever you go!  You will love how it makes you feel !

Swing Dancing appeals to re-enactment societies, and those wanting a challenge from other dance classes in Belfast and Northern Ireland, ranging from Salsa to Belly dancing and from Tap to Ballet. Some do it for sport and exercise, to lose weight, or to have a more healthy lifestyle, others for their Wedding dance, or to enjoy and share their love of Vintage Clothing. It is Family Entertainment and appeals to all ages from the young to the young at heart !

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Joe has studied Salsa in Cuba and Tango in Buenos Aires...he has also represented Ireland internationally in Irish Trad.music and Set Dancing.   

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